Wassim Raslan – Featured Photographer Of The Week


Wassim Raslan – Featured Photographer Of The Week

Meet our second featured photographer Wassim Raslan aka Weesography. 

Wassim Raslan Photographer - Weesography

Wassim describes himself as Techie with a keen eye for latest gadgets. His adventurous free spirit and an insatiable zest for a living also led the way to establish himself as an Entrepreneur. He doesn’t shy from calling himself a Foodie, which is evident in declaring his love for burgers alongside his love for Photography.

You will never find him eating beetroot or sharing his fries. He simply cannot dwell in any negativity.

An old player in the field of photography, the roots of his passion found ground three-four years back when publishing photos wasn’t a mere ‘click and upload’ that the generation of today’s knows.

What inspired him to pursue this?

The city of Dubai in its all grandeur, the high rises, the backdrop of the cityscape, the architecture of the golden yesteryears, the bright streets in the night was all inspiration enough to take up photography. Even a casual walk through the Urban lanes of old and new Dubai poses a perfect opportunity for Street style photography.

Wassim has a long list of photographers around the world, whose work he considers inspirational. But when probed further, he calls himself a big fan of Daniel Cheong and Dany Eid.  And as far as Portraits are concerned he is an ardent admirer of Jason Lanier. His work truly showcases what & whom he idolizes. 

Wassim Raslan_ Dubai Creek Harbour

What subjects does he like to capture the most?

The varied facets of Dubai being his inspiration are also the subjects of his favorite shoots. He adopts different styles to suit the outcome but cityscapes, night photography, and portraits stand out as his personal favorite.

What devices/materials he uses for capturing such great pictures?

Wassim Raslan doesn’t like to credit the creativity behind capturing great pictures to any specific device. This can vary depending on the objective and style of the shoot. He believes that inherent talent and the patience to learn make a bigger difference.

Wassim Raslan_ Long Exposure

What hurdles did he face in this journey?

With so many new players in the market, there is tough competition in the business of photography these days. We need to dedicate ample time, patience and sometimes channel quite a bit of finance for upgrading your skills and types of equipment.

What is the advice Wassim has for all his followers?

Carry your camera with you wherever you go, no matter which device it is. There should be no limit to practicing. It would go a long way to hone your skills. You should experiment with all kinds of photography. You never know where you’ll find your niche for creative expression.  And most important “Don’t be Lazy”.

Have a look at some of his work here…

Hope you all enjoyed knowing Wassim as much as we did. If you want to follow his work check out Weesography.com  & on Instagram @weesography

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