The Taste of Old Dubai


With fine dining restaurants like Bread-street kitchen, Farzi cafe,Tresind etc., trending all over on your Instagram, there are a few eateries dating back to when the city Dubai was still young.

As the saying goes, ‘old is gold’, here is a dig into 4 such hidden gems in Dubai that have been consistently satisfying people’s taste buds for decades together, like no other.

Al Labeeb Grocery

This small grocery located in Jumeirah is a true testament of a hidden gem. A place which my friends recommended to me when we were in college.Often referred to as Regaag by the Arabs, this place serves you a crisp crepe with kraft cheese, eggs, Oman chips and chilli sauce.


  This is how it’s done…



Bu Qtair

Bu Qtair is a small seafood shack along Jumeira road. This place offers fresh delicious spicy prawns and hammour depending on the catch of the day with curry sauce and a ‘no reservations’ policy. No other place serves ‘fresh seafood’ as they do. As the sun sets, this place gets busier and busier. The best time to visit this place is early in the evening. Post 8pm, one will have to wait in a long queue to be seated and to enjoy their seafood delicacies.



Farisian Cafeteria

One of the oldest joints located in the extremely crowded area of Meena Bazar, this place offers the best persian falafels, for merely 2.5dhs per sandwich. Persian falafels being quite different from the other falafels gives it that unique taste. Other than hot crispy falafels, this little joint also offers one of the best mini samosas filled with veggies (mind the oil dripping though).



Special Ostadi restaurant

Almost a decade old, this Iranian restaurant offers one of the best kebabs in town. Their succulent chicken kebabs with Iranian roti and raita are one of the best things to dig in here.




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