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A twisted Bollywood blockbuster saga, another 100 crores+ movie, Bhai ki picture, Eid special feature film are just a few titles which I can think of while I write about this grand movie.


While I think, that the Sultan’s story could’ve been about a girl who’s born in a place where child mortality amongst girl babies is high. Yet, she lives up to be the son her father desired for and leaves her love of life to achieve their mutual dream of being an Olympic gold medalist in Wrestling. She would’ve fallen in love and lost track of her goals and this love of her’s – a local guy in town whom she inspired to take up a career himself and ends up motivating her & helping her achieve her dreams. This guy would’ve been my true Sultan. But it sounds like another Mary Kom story, and no one likes a repetition. Neither people buy tickets to watch a female protagonist fighter as much as they like Sallu bhai.

And yes the movie is about producers putting in huge sums of money to make huge sums of money out of a superstar’s blockbuster movie. So it is a Sultan’s story, where the girl follows the usual trail of falling in love, getting married and ultimately getting pregnant basically she is settling down as per Rajdeep Sardesai. Such is the fate of an actress in a bhai heavy movie, no matter how good she looked, how hard she worked, it’ll be a Salman movie. But we did like her role in the movie more than any other actresses as she got more dialogues & scenes and not a single item number.

The Story-Telling Begins here…

As it’s a grand Salman Khan movie, please do not find logic in any of the points below. And spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it already and spoiler alert if you felt so very good about the illogical movie.
  • The story is set in Haryana. Jat Muslim boy and a girl with no angle of intercaste or inter-religion marriage issues.
  • The guy is lukkha – a useless fellow who is best at kite snatching. Look out for what he becomes next 😉
  • The girl is the only child of the Haryanvi widower who was once a Wrestler himself & now teaches how to wrestle. He has a dream to get a gold medal in Olympics from his state through one of his disciples and the convenient plus the best suitable one is his daughter. They say she has been nurtured like a son – really? Why are we still living in this world, why do we have two different types of nurturing based on gender.
  • Coming back to getting the gold medal at Olympics, the daughter becomes incapable of getting it. Why you may ask? Well! the most logical reason of being pregnant after a couple of months of marriage.
Why I ask the Writers and Directors, do you really believe that pregnancy should be the most logical twist you bring in? Can’t she face an accident?
Why is the female protagonist has to be a letdown, when you chose to give her a better role this time. Please note: There’s a lot of awareness about protection available for contraception even in villages at local paan joints. You don’t risk your all so sorted career on not getting to use contraception.
In a recent video , Anushka mentions, Aarfa is pregnant for god’s sake, she can’t abort, there’s no other solution. She has to leave her dream. Really, Anushka, you’re a producer and one amongst the top female actresses in the industry and you let your fraternity get those answers.
Rest of the story continues as any other love saga.
  • Boy meets girl falls in love, chases and gets friend zoned. The boy lives in denial of being in boyfriend zone until one day his friend calls her sister-in-law(bhabhi) by mistake.
  • Girl gives a lecture on aim, ambition, goals, career..(blah blah blah blah) and this changes the guy.
  • Suddenly the kite chasing guy becomes a wrestler in a month’s time, and without any proper training wins state level championship and the girl decides to marry him. Is the girl portrayed a fool and logical at the same time? Or is it just me who is being a feminist?
  • Now husband and wife go for Honeymoons of wrestling championships and get qualified for Olympics, and she gets pregnant (!!double great news!!) I really liked the father’s open lecture to her, really girl what in the world were you so desperate for actually??)
  • Girl, leaves her ambitions and her father’s dream on his son-in-law’s shoulder. How convenient?!
  • Guy wins Olympics becomes egoistic and becomes weird. He no more has concerns about his family or rapport.
  • Girl tries to stop him from entering world championship out of her gut feeling, but arrogance takes a toll on him and they both end up losing their child and relationship. The girl finally gets some sense back & draws a line of separation.
Divorce nai bhai ladai hui hai…ab interval ke baad let’s patch up!
So what happens now?
  • The Guy wants to open a blood bank in his lost son’s name and has no money. Coz, winning Olympics and world championships can bring only pride, government job and medals and like in this case arrogance and shame can accompany too.
  • So, instead of collecting small donations from his friends and colleagues he takes the offer of a boy with a silver spoon and loads of debts. This boy is another MBA loser who’s trying to establish himself by bringing western fighting culture to India.
  • After offer acceptance, our champion guy learns to fight from another tragedy struck yesteryear champion. He enters the ring of fights again and as  Salman, oh!sorry, Sultan. What will happen next? Obvious, he’ll win all fights.
  • The silver spoon boy and the promoters earn everything back (even an increase in sales of pressure cookers) while Sultan reaches the brink of losing his life.
Haww, ab kya hoga! Nail-biting sessions…
Next, bhabhi has to forgive him and come back to his life. Because,

We all wait for tragedy to strike us hard to know how much we are missing out on while still alive.

So our underdog protagonist rises from the hospital bed to fight a Pro Takedown – where he finds his long lost brother from judwaa and fights him to become the one and only Sultan of box office and hearts of his fans.
While all this happens each actor places their flawless act together giving you a screen fix throughout the 2.5 hours.

The friend who’s the shadow of Sultan is portrayed by Anant Vvidhaat and needs a mention, as his part gives the story a storyteller, a catalyst and a friend everyone needs.
It’s a masala Bollywood flick with great music to stay as an earworm for a longer time than the usual rate with which we change the songs on our iPod. Jag ghoomeya is my favorite and Salman has really made it clear who loves the Bass.
A better role for the female lead was a great new thing that Sultan has different from Dabaang series or any similar Sallu Bhai movies. Anushka Sharma placed herself very well in the role. Although, I personally don’t like the portrayal of a woman who is most sacrificing and later punishing. We’re way evolved than that in this email. Hope the other blockbusters understand it too and stop using female actors for frames.
I also kept telling myself all through the movie that logic & Bhai ki movies have no relationship, so just shut your brains & enjoy. This whole story telling came right after the movie when my brain started working.
Yet with all this mess of a story in my mind, I left the theater humming and smiling as its a good family watch and you’ll end up liking the movie for inexplicable reasons.
That’s what is causing this:
As of 18th July, @TaranAdarsh is suggesting  will surpass *HINDI version* in coming days… *updated* biz: Hindi ₹ 271.82 cr, Tamil + Telugu ₹ 12.84 cr.

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