Sufra – the new synonym of Siesta


Sufra brought a new meaning to Siesta’s for UrCuppaLife. 

It is a a perfect fusion between breakfast and lunch. Lazy and late breakfast conitued into a sumptuous lunch, every Saturday, siesta in Dubai.

Weekdays are so hectic generally, such are the weekends as well, in Dubai. One is always craving for an extended weekends. Not just knocking away the need to get up early on a Saturday, a brunch would make life much more happier for the Friday night party goers. Just the fact that you are spoiled for choice, the luxury of brunch can be comforting and a pleasure in itself.

When it comes to brunch, there are many options for the weekend, multi cuisine served in stand-alone restaurants or in 4/5 star hotels. You tend to reach late, juggle between cuisines of different countries and end up eating too much. The bigger the meal the quicker you get full.


Recently, I found about this new concept of late and lazy Saturday breakfast and rather than reviewing the food, I penned down for you our food story. I along with a group of foodies landed up at Sufra’s – Sunny Saturdays Brunch at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights.  It’s a perfect place to spend with your family, friends and even business associates.


We reached around 12:30 pm, the place was bright and had a casual vibe to it. The layout of the restaurant resembles a coffee shop and decor is chic. There are huge windows that give you an impression of an inside/outside feel overlooking the neighboring Dubai Creek Park. There are displays of Fresh tea, coffee, teapots, pasta packets and some Arabic sweets as part of the decor. You can choose a table next to the window and enjoy the ambience of outdoor seating, while still being in the AC.

We were offered a table immediately, the staff is — welcoming, efficient and start you off with a refreshing cold towel along with offering you a drink of your choice. The restaurant manager promptly offered us to show around the place. There were sufficient amount of meal choices, main courses or light breakfast foods. An attractive area of appetizers was on offer – salads, cheese, cold cuts, looking delicious, bite-sized and tasty.

Along the buffet line, there are helpful staff members who talk you through and, if needed, serve you. You can order your choice of meats from the variety of marinated meats on display at the traditional grill or order your eggs at the egg station. View live cooking customized to your taste. There is a Shawarma Station where the meat is skewered on a spit.

What I liked? – The concept of live cooking stations; it gives you a break before you jump into your next trial. While you wait for your grill to be delivered to your table, bite sized dishes are passed around such as Burritos, Sliders, Shawarmas and mini Pancakes.


There is another area to explore between your food journey and that is the beautiful green bar. The barmen offered everybody a drink. We could choose from regular juices or signature Bloody Mary concoction and sangrias, sparkling wines, anti-oxidant and detox drinks.

It was already 2:30 pm by the time we had a look around, finished a glass of refreshing drink and ate choice of appetizers along with a whole lot of chatting and giggling. It was already time for a quick meal. I ordered meat from the grill, tried the noodles, some steak and cold cuts. The food was light, well cooked and tasty.

I usually love the dessert area in any buffet, but what I liked the most here was the live counter for pancakes, crepes waffles, homemade gelatos and delicious macaroons. The dessert area had a small area right in front, which looked like an old cafe. This is the area I thought I would start my meal next time with a scoop of my favorite ice cream or a black coffee. Because Life’s short & we must eat the dessert(s) first.

How relaxing is this place? It was 3:30 pm already and with all the other attributes, the place left me feeling good about myself, which isn’t always the case elsewhere (The big multi cuisine brunches). I still wanted a cup of green tea. Sometimes, after a hectic weekend, a lazy Saturday afternoon with healthy, hearty fare of food, no alarm or rush, endless chatting, is just what you need.

Shall visit you soon, Sufra. Till then, Sayonara!

Watch this little video and experience Sufra with UrCuppaLife foodies 🙂

DetailsThe Sufra, Sunny Saturdays
 is a destination restaurant serving Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine and international specialties. Sufra Sunny Saturdays priced at:

AED 205 including alcoholic beverages
AED 140 including soft beverages
AED 70 for children aged 6-12 years

To make a reservation or for more information, please contact +971 4 553 1272 or

p.s. : I visited the place with the winners of our #yourfoodstory contest. All I can say is good food and great ambience also gave me many more new friends in Dubai.

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