Rove Around Deira – A Photo Walk Around Deira


Rove Around Deira – A Photo Walk Around Deira

The Photo Walk

A quick photo walk tour around the Deira – Old Dubai area was organized by Rove City Centre, Deira. It sounded like the best option on our to-do-list on that very weekend. I mean what’s better than getting to know the city’s other side, right?

It sounded like the best option on our to-do-list on that very weekend. I mean what’s better than getting to know the city’s other side, right?

I say we as we are a couple who don’t really wander, but in our daily wander we stumble upon some naturally led cinematography angles and shoot them with our phones – iPhone7+ & Samsung Galaxy S 7 edge to be materialistic. 

Rove offered us a visit to their newest Hotel at the City’s Centre as they rightly named it Rove City Centre, in Deira. It’s located around those large car showrooms and very close to Deira City Centre.  

As a marketer myself, I really appreciated the idea of having a photo walk around town rather than just using vanilla advertising methods or basic influencer marketing. You know what I’m talking, don’t you? But, I’m just upfront appreciating the marketers here, because their efforts usually happen backstage. 

Anyways, let’s head to the photo walk bit of it, the walk was organized in liaison with the father-daughter duo – Shaima & Saleh al Tamini, instabloggers, who took us around to show us the old side of Deira. 

The daily hustle of Fruits & Vegetables Market, Deira

First Stop – The Fruits, Vegetables & Fish Market

We started at the Fish, Fruits & Vegetable Market where we spent a lot of time at first wondering there was a Fruit & Vegetable market this whole time we’ve been in Dubai and we’ve never been here to buy our groceries. How was this hidden to us, we don’t know. I’ve now taken it as a part of my job to inform everyone who’s new & old in Dubai to visit this place now and then to fill in themselves with fresh groceries may it be vegetables, fruits, dates, rice, masalas, water, juices, sugar and whatever it is. Also, please visit this place before it becomes once upon a time thing in the UAE, as this market is shifting to another location and some of the vendors whose beautiful portrait faces of most beautiful people you’ll find here will no longer be seen. 

The Bridge 

Further, we crossed the road via a bridge which overlooks Shindagha tunnel on one side & Hyatt Regency on the other. The distance between these two can be mapped by the sea on the side. We stopped by over the bridge to enjoy this beautiful view for a bit and reached Al Ras on the other side. 

The Hidden Food Joints of Deira 

I’ve come here more than 3-4 times to visit Gold Souq, and sometimes I’ve gotten lost and stuck in traffic on the inside roads of Naif & Al Ras, but what we saw was beyond what I had thought of. The streets are super-full with tailor shops, beauty product shops, small groceries,  barber shop/ hair cutting salons, and the expats from around the world who inhabit the streets, some just playing cards or smoking a cigarette or just some porters looking out for the shoppers to come by. What we loved the most here was we found restaurants which make parathas, zaatar rotis and the quintessential chai. We did halt the whole photo walk for that one zaatar roti and some chai, but you know it was Saturday morning 10 am we started, right past our bed time and we were hungry and the fragrance of fresh bread was just irresistible. 

The Glam & Glitterati 

Our next stop wasn’t really a stop, it was another round of walk around the glittering gold streets of Gold Souq, well this was the busiest route we have come across on our visit. It was even busier than the Fish Market. People are eating gold or what?? Is is that cheap?

The Spicy Part

Anyways, after a lot of window shopping and finding our way out towards the light from the wooden interiors we headed towards the Spice Souq, we were amazed to see a utensils market on our pass by. And Spice Souq welcome us with colorful spices whose intense fragrance got me to sneeze and sneeze, but I still ended up filling my bag with dried roses, lavender, green & mint tea. 

The Secret Spot

After a quick sip on fresh juices, we went to a secret location, which was really a highlight of the whole photo walk which was actually a parking lot, an empty one. But this place was chosen, as it had the best views of the Old Dubai’s Creek Side. You’ll have a panoramic view of Bur Dubai extending to the views of new Dubai skyline.The Abras will look tinier than they are, you’ll see the visitors flocking the Creekside as the seagulls flock the creek waters now and then for fresh catch, some loading and unloading of docks, busy street of Deira and all that you can spot. Most of all you can spend the whole afternoon waiting for the sun to set ( in winter days). 


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