Ola Allouz – Featured Photographer of the Month


Colorful Chefchaouen

Ola Allouz – Featured Photographer of the Month

Ola Allouz is an Emirati Photographer who found her passion in photography way back in the year 2006. It’s been more than a decade of a relentless yet fulfilling pursuit of capturing life through her lenses for Ola. Let us know more about Ola here;

Who & What inspired her to pursue this?

It was a forethought on the part of the Emirati Artist Dr. Najat Makki. She not only persuaded me to study the basics of photography in the year 2006 but also being the kind soul that she is, she herself drove me to Emirates Fine Art Society in Sharjah. A person can accomplish a lot when there are shown the right path and direction in sync with their talent.

What subjects does she like to capture the most?

She says I love capturing the essence of life through the people around me. Their expressions, their smiles, the crinkled end of eyes, all reflect their aspirations, their struggles, the satisfaction with life or their sorrow. If you look closely every picture tells a story. Some people find daily life mundane, I find art in it.

She adds I also enjoy street photography. It’s amazing to see the variance of colors, textures, topography in any street you visit. Especially in a place like Dubai, there is no limit to creativity with a little imagination.

What devices/materials she uses for capturing such great pictures?

She said I tend to experiment with all sorts of devices, be it camera or phone. I have been Fujifilm Ambassador for almost 2 years now and I have also used Canon for 10 years before that. I have tried my hand at others as well like Sony and Film/analogue cameras.

What hurdles did she face in this journey?

I have been blessed to have found nothing but heartfelt support in my journey. How beautiful is that? 

Her advice to her followers…

My only advice to all those with a creative streak is to Follow Your Heart!

Her milestones in this journey of capturing life include; 

I pride myself on having represented my Country (UAE) in the national and international photography events

Her future plans

Ola wishes to mentor other photographers in their journey to accomplish and fulfill their ambitions.

I’m totally up for being a mentee. Hope Ola takes me as one. 

Have a look at her list of awards and accolades here – olaallouz.com

She also runs an Instagram Community @fotoUAE which aims to support and create opportunities for passionate photographers and artists in the UAE, by sharing their photos which can lead to connecting with other parties that have mutual interest.

Check some of her Photography here – 

Blue - Ola Allouz

Colorful Chefchaouen - Ola Allouz

Colorful Chefchaouen

Al Ayala Dance - Ola Allouz

Al Ayala Dance

Alkasaba - Ola Allouz


For more check – @olaaaly


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