Mamma Mia, a celebration for Expectant Mums

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Aster Nurture held Mamma Mia, a celebration for Expectant Mums this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day we thank and celebrate the superwomen in our lives. The joy of celebrating Mother’s day is unique to every individual. No matter how old we grow, there is something exciting about having a mother and being a mother. On account of International Mother’s Day, Aster Nurture organized ‘Mamma Mia’, a day to celebrate these beautiful souls who have the power to give birth to another life.

The event took place at Aster Hospital – Mankhool on Friday, May 19 and was divided into two sessions, attended by a total of 60 expectant mothers who participated in a day filled with activities including a makeover session, a photo shoot and informative sessions on various topics of baby care. The program was aimed to equip first-time mothers with all the essential information about good parenting, child safety, and care.

This event aimed at making the expectant mothers feel special by inviting them to get pampered, informed and clicked. Aster Nurture organized a makeover and photo shoot for the expectant mothers. Mothers have a strong desire to do the best for their kids but since many are first timers and lack information on how to do so, owing which the event also included a session on Good Parenting to lead the way for first-time mum’s. The event concluded with a Raffle Draw in each session, where one lucky mum-to-be won the Grand Prize of a Baby Box containing 49 baby care essentials.


‘Mamma Mia’ was organized by Aster Nurture, a program that aims at nurturing, caring and protecting the mother and the newborn baby from the time the mother conceives till the child is five years old. 

Aster Nurture conducts various programs to support parents, including prenatal yoga sessions for expectant mothers and Parents Connect, a weekly session for parents-to-be that provides guidance on the importance of exercise, diet and baby care.


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