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The CuppaLife of Malavika Varadan

The Bangalore railway station’s guiding voice and the voice to which whole Dubai wakes up to.

A stage performer by heart and an RJ by profession, Malavika Vardan is a Bangalorean living in Dubai for over seven years. She currently hosts a highly rated morning radio show – Breakfast No. 1 on Dubai’s #1 Bollywood Radio Station – City 1016. She pours in heaps of love while keeping us all awake and alert during our morning drive to office & schools and we are more than happy to wake up to your giggles and beautiful voice Malu.

Early Career of Malavika

She started her voice-over artist career when she was only 16, as the guiding voice of Bangalore Railway Station. Following that, she worked at some of the top radio stations in India (Radio City and Radio Indigo).
I chose to interview Malavika over the phone as she is a famous voice personality. She sounds absolutely honest, never short of giggles and smiles. I enjoyed sipping my cup of tea on the other side, while she answered my numerous questions with patience. I am sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I did hearing it.

UrCuppa : When did the love for the ‘mic’ start in your life?
Malu: (giggling) As long as I can remember!!!

UrCuppa: You are multi-talented, so what are you actually by heart ?– an RJ, Theater Artist, Singer or a Theater Teacher
Malu: I am a stage performer by heart, anything from spotlights on the stage to mic at the radio studio, I love being connected with people.

UrCuppa: Why do you think you fit perfectly into your current job profile?
Malu: I love Radio because of its immediate and the direct interactions compared to any other media, where the process could be too long and getting feedback would be a challenge. Once I am in front of a mic, everything is spontaneous and not scripted or directed, we work with our listeners and everyday and every hour is different.

UrCuppa: What is the biggest challenge of being a RJ and how do you handle it?
Malu: When you are in a studio and surrounded only by four walls, the biggest challenge is to connect and read into our listeners mind. Knowing what they might be thinking, what I can say or do that will connect me with them and at the same time entertain them. Radio is a Theatre of the Mind! We are also very active on social media hence, feedback from the listeners is very fast. Various social groups and on ground events bring us closer to our listeners.

“Today RJ’s have to be all rounded – good voice, conversationalist, spontaneous, a good personality, knowledgeable, ready for a screen and even digital savvy.”

Vidya_Balan_02Urcuppa: Any one celebrity interview you cherish?
Malu: Vidya Balan – She is absolutely amazing human being. As soon as she walks into the room, her eyes lit up the room and her smile is like aSunshine. She is that person, which I feel I have known all my life! (I could feel from Malavika’s voice that she was completely awed)

229951-ranveerUrCuppa: Which famous personality you would like to cohost with?
Malu: (Laughing) Ranveer Singh

UrCuppa : If you were to act in a silent movie?
Malu: Would indeed be a great challenge (giggling) but, I am open to offers.

Urcuppa: What do you enjoy doing the most when u r not talking?
Malu: I love scuba diving, I am a certified scuba diver and Hitesh and I have been to various scuba diving vacations around the globe. I love the beauty and the silence that underwater provides and it is always like the much-needed break in my life.

UrCuppa : What is that one thing that you get most complimented for ?
Malu: Energy! People keep asking me where do I get all this energy from.

UrCuppa: What do you miss the most from Home?
Malu: Mom’s cooking, I wish I could make south Indian food as good as my mother.

UrCuppa: Do you ever argue with your partner and do you win because you can talk better?
Malu: Noooo…I never win an argument at home with my husband. I think I finish my talking before I reach home. (Literally, it was a Laugh out aloud moment from Malavika)

malavika varadan Rapid-fire with Malavika

  • UrCuppa : Try to win a lottery or participate in a competition?
    Malu: Participate in a competition
  • UrCuppa : A book or a kindle?
    Malu: Kindle
  • UrCuppa : Soundcloud or Youtube?
    Malu: YouTube
  • UrCuppa : Coffee or green tea?
    Malu: Coffee anyday
  • UrCuppa : Your favorite Slang word
    Malu: Da!
  • UrCuppa : What would you be if not an RJ?
    Malu: Economist
  • UrCuppa : Mama’s pet or Sisters best friend?
    Malu: Daddy’s Little Gal
  • UrCuppa : Book of puzzles or jokes?
    Malu: Book of puzzles and crosswords
  • UrCuppa : Dance or sing?
    Malu: Sing

Malavika, supports an initiative called ‘The Hive’, which conducts drama classes for children and she teaches at The Hive twice a week.

Malavika, is also a lead singer for a homegrown band called After Math, over the weekends you can find her jamming with her co-band members.

You can listen to her or rather watch her enact & sing in the video here. 

Malavika is also an avid fitness enthusiast and blogger, you can find her posts on social media with #100healthydays You can also follow her on Facebook here –

One of the best things that we’ve heard from Malavika apart from the day to day morning radio show talk is the Ted Talk on 7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone courtesy TEDxBITSPilani, Dubai.

Don’t forget to watch it here:

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