Kethel’s Chicken – The Kerala’s KFC Now In Dubai


Kethel’s Chicken – The Kerala’s KFC Now In Dubai

Storytelling is an art, especially when one has to narrate a food story. I find it very appealing when people recommend the food. I wonder how do you narrate taste and coax people to try out what tickled your taste buds. At times just a simple line “It reminded me of my mom’s cooking” is enough for someone to get all excited to try your recommendation. So here I go with another food story about a newly opened restaurant called Kethel’s Chicken in Al Quasis, Dubai. I am sure by the end of the story, you will surely want to try this new recipe in town.

I recently met a friend and he said, it’s the same taste as what you get in Trivandrum, no menu, no frills, simply great taste. They prepare it with some special type of chicken pieces and it has a secret recipe. (It sounded to me just like the KFC chicken  recipe story, also in Trivandrum it’s called Kethals Chicken Fried  – KCF, really!!)

Store Front - Kethels Chicken east night restaurantThe way he recommended (even though I have never heard about this traditional dish before), I knew I was up for some gastronomy experience. Kethel’s Chicken is the name of the restaurant, it comes from the name of the special chicken recipe that is served in this restaurant. It is a small place and gives you a feel of a takeaway joint. There is a menu displayed at the door – you already know you are not spoilt for choice but for taste.

menu - kethels chicken restaurant

The famous Kethel chicken arrives on the table and it is  served in nice modern crockery. The pieces looked covered with freshly ground Kerala spices and  the aroma tempted me to try the spicy, coconut flavored chicken.

kethels chicken - kethels chicken restaurant

The Kethel chicken is absolutely delicious, nothing to compare it with. I would say the chicken was very tender, flavored  and finger licking. Pieces of tender fried chicken (not deep fried) were mixed with original self-made spices (you can see the Red Chilly flakes in the picture above), accompanied with thick Gravy Chicken Curry made of the small chicken pieces.  On the side, there are  soft oil free Chapattis and Ghee Rice with Nuts (Served in a shape of a heart), a  glass of sweet fresh lemonade and lemon pickle.

gheerice - kethels chicken restaurant

The portion may not be a big feast for the big feeders, but the combination of the curry and ghee rice makes it a perfect combo meal. I would also recommend trying the Chicken Liver and Chicken Biryani.

It is not a place for vegetarians(Obviously!) This dish  could be an ideal for take away as  party starters or part of your menu.

You will be tempted to visit this again and again because you will not get this preparation in any other regular South Indian restaurants. It has recently opened and specializes in Kethel’s Chicken recipe, I can  imagine very soon you will have to wait for your turn to place your order.

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