Jab Harry Met Sejal


Jab Harry Met Sejal

It’s a love story, take your heart to the cinema and lose it to the romance in Shahrukh Khan & Imtiaz Ali.

Sometimes you don’t need the reasons of how, when, where and with who one falls in love. And, I believe in love most of the times it’s true.

Things suddenly are nonsensical and yet making the sense of where you want to go or what or whom you want.

I felt JHMS was about this, suddenly you meet someone while finding something else and you stumble upon what you were really seeking.

That’s all the story tries to convey. That’s all.

Yes, then there’s the swooning charm of Shahrukh making me behave like a teenager who just discovered the feelings of a crush.

Sejal with that accent and bubbly-ness was done right by Anushka Sharma.

The music is a masterpiece by Pritam, Parinda (search) is my favorite and Diplo get you tripping. Beech Beech me is on the loop to cheer me up every day I drive back from work to home.

And there isn’t anything more if you want to explore travel destinations like you did in Rockstar or Tamasha. That’s beyond quarternary here. Primary is the story by Imitiaz, secondary being Shahrukh Khan and tertiary being the music.

It’s a movie to keep for the love struck!

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