Humsafar : A Journey of Two Souls


Humsafar : A Journey of Two Souls


Things are always difficult when people grow apart and sometimes they don’t grow back together. Sometimes people find their Soulmates and start walking in the same direction yet they never meet. There’s always a connection of heart, yet they walk parallel in two different worlds.

Humsafar aka Hum ‘Suffer’ is about an erstwhile couple at crossroads, meeting each other over a period of several years, revealing vagaries of contemporary lifestyles which creep into relationships.

“Difficult” can’t begin to describe the dilemma of these two people, Sonal (Lubna Salim) & Sameer (Harsh Chhaya), who’ve just had celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and have broken apart into their own worlds.


Although they thought the separation will liberate them, but the space created from past 18 years of their love & hate, brings them no solace. They are tangled within the threads of their relationship, family & friendships.

And what makes this space burn is not finding that one friend, that one person, who is always there to give you your shoulder and advice even at 4 am in the morning.

Sonal & Sameer’s divorced life breaks your heart with humor. While you laugh at every second minute of their conversation, your heart also fills with despair as you find out how living together makes you know each other so well that it can actually break you.

Although the play is led by just two actor’s, yet the story has many characters in names – the daughter, son, mother, mother in law, love interests, friends, etc. The portrayal of how a young girl goes out of her way to stop her mother from getting remarried to how a son finds his own way towards following his father’s steps is beyond real. The play showcases how marriage is not just about two people getting together for life, but it’s a union of families.

Throughout the play, romance flows in between the couple in small gestures of love; the bittersweet moments of love and despair are beautifully complimented by the proses and poetry by the great Gulzar Sahab recited in his own voice and interspersed between scenes. Nothing could’ve done more justice to this poignant and humorous saga of love.

Being newly married, I was struck by a bit of fear of a foreseeable future during the play while I lived the circumstances of Sonal in my mind. Some sympathy came along for Sameer, as he, caught in the affairs of the urban world, couldn’t tell that one person who knew him the most, his heart’s desire. At one point of time, when Sonal leaves the phone calls on the voicemail, I was afraid she’ll commit suicide and that led me to think how depression, despair & loneliness destroys the strength in the strongest of species. I was glad she didn’t do something stupid and survived the harshest phases of life. The play has created a long lasting impression in my heart.

The actor’s have captured the best of the feelings and expressions in their act, it is very well written and directed and is worth deserving a standing ovation. May be some who are quarrelling in love can take some lessons and a step back to refresh their love. And, the rest can take a break over a cuppa of life and enjoy this tale of love, humor & despondency.

End credits:

Show Dates: DUCTAC, 22nd & 23rd January 2016

Director: Salim Arif

Writer : Javed Siddique

Team UrCuppaLife, gives a Super Duper Like to Simi events for bringing in this play to Dubai. The play is a must watch all the play lovers and non-lovers. It is surely a must watch.


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