Hop & Shop With The World In Dubai


Hop & Shop With The World In Dubai – Open Your Heart To The Global Village

As the weather becomes merrier & merrier, Urcuppalife team is working more and more outdoors and in our quest to bring you the best of the world, we thought, what place could be better than the – Global Village (GV).

As Susan Sontag quotes, I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.

Global Village is the platform to be
everywhere, yet being in Dubai.

Global Village – a place, which brings together the different parts of the world by showcasing the richness of their culture, food & festivals together. And for someone like me, it is one of those places, which will either fulfill a traveler’s dream or entice them to travel more and more.

The right time to be here is now, to be specific reach here at that 3 pm – 4 pm interval, where you’re either feeling sleepy in the office or going for your siesta at home. Ditch that coffee/bed & head to this place. Enjoy the warmth of the sun & the super cool breeze altogether and lace up your sport shoes ‘coz you got to take that long-due long walk baby!

Global Village. Cover

Even before you enter the gates of GV, you’ll see the beautiful domes and arcades, which will build up your excitement even more. Along, with the seven wonder’s of the world welcoming you at the gates, there are 30+ Pavilions to visit & being Indians, the first place we wanted to cover had to be the Great Indian Pavilion.


Global Village Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders of the World @ Global Village 2016

India Pavillion at Global Village 2016

India Pavillion at Global Village 2016


Here on the gate’s, there were beautiful sculptures of elephants & tigers welcoming us. (It’s a mandate get a picture with them). Moving ahead, the pavilion brings you to the arena where more than 300 stalls are hosted. These stalls exhibit the richness in culture & diversity of India. The stalls are the perfect place to buy authentic Indian products like handmade sarees, shawls, dupattas, jackets, carpets, etc. in cotton, silk and chiffon fabric. You’ll also find a wide variety of traditional embroidered Amritsari juttis (leather made sandals), handbags, wallets and accessories. We couldn’t resist but buy these colorful juttis in multiples.

20160117222056Artefacts @ Global Village 2016


If you miss the variety of utensils you mom used to cook food in, there are stalls to help you find your right solution.

Also, head to the wooden home décor shop, whose seller has come all the way from Saharanpur, U.P., a far distant place in the rear parts of northern India, which is famous for it’s wooden work & furniture. In this shop, you’ll find your antique fix as well as fix for your pain through acupressure tools. In case, you are interested in buying the clocks, furniture, gramophones, armors of those era, this is the place you need to head too. The seller has been coming back to GV for past 12 years and knows more than 6-7 languages so Arabic speakers, you’ll face no problems in communication.


As the weather gets cooler and cooler, don’t hesitate to indulge in some pashmina shopping, neither hold yourself for shopping some silver & imitation jewelry. Traditional Rajasthani style henna is also available.

Potter@Global Village

As you head further, you’ll find your hobby fix – a pottery lesson in less than five minutes and a pot made by yourself to take away, can anything else beat this hobby experience. A Big No shall be the answer.


There’s some more creativity on display as you come across the live caricature making stall. This creator is a Guinness World Record Holder and in minutes he’ll make you a funny face.

To add further, you’ll find the amazing taste & flavors of Panipuris, Kulfis, Karak Chai, Samosas and other Indian delicacies luring you.

karak chai

Well, we couldn’t get enough of all this & are visiting this place again and again, to gorge onto the sumptuous offerings.

Our advice: Don’t hesitate, go and indulge in everything that this food stall  and other eateries provide.

Add-on to the Indian Pavilion is the famous landmark of India – one amongst the Seven Wonders of the World based in Agra, India – The TajMahal. The complete setup is so mesmerizing that you’ll keep clicking pictures of it & with it and would add Agra to your travel list, if it doesn’t already exists or if you haven’t been there. (It’s actually a huge stall to the famous jewelry provider – Kalyan Jewelers.)

Tajmahal in Dubai @Global VillageMoving ahead, a few pavilions for the shoppers are – China, Africa, Turkey & Pakistan. From quirky stuff to clothing & accessories, these stalls will keep your pockets light.

While you get tired of walking across these pavilions indulge yourself in the local preparations of sweets, Turkish delicacies – Stuffed Potatoes & Dondurma (Ice-cream), Spiral Potatoes, Waffles, Pancakes, ( I literally am drooling over all this again and can’t write any further, there’s a lot more to hog on like the places here in pics)

20160117231701There are also live shows at hourly intervals in the evening time & one of our picks from these is Fiestavals, wherein five of the most amazing festivals from around the world come together in one show at the main GV stage. Additionally, each Pavilion has its own stage shows inside, which are not to be missed.

You can check the complete calendar of events happening around GV . http://globalvillage.ae/entertainments/events-calendar/

For adventure lovers & lucky champs – The Fantasy Land is the place to win and lose. I personally did win some soft toys, and was very afraid of the rides as usual, but finally struck a childhood ride, off my bucket list – The Carousel (Merry- go –round). It was as beautiful and mesmerizing as they show in movies and pictures. Do unleash the kid in you by visiting this part of the GV as well.


Signing off with a quick tip: Avoid long queues during weekend by booking online tickets or head here on weekdays http://globalvillage.ae/book-tickets/

Attributable to: Bhawana Preetish  An avid thinker, reviewer, and procrastinator; on a journey 06 bhawanato find beauty in everything. On regular days, she loves, laughs & lives.
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