Food mantra for safe summer


The basic cause of most of the summer ailments is the excessive heat which tends to increase the body temperature and thus affecting the digestive system and bacterial attacks. By taking care of your diet during the summer months can be one of the the best ways to keep away from summer ailments.

What can be safely included in our daily diets?

Nature is the best doctor and prescribes a lot of medicines through her natural pharmacy in the form of seasonal foods. Summer is the season for grapes, mangoes, watermelon, musk melon, chickoo (Sapodilla) which have a  high moisture content. Use more of the moisture loaded varieties in vegetables to keep your body cool like cabbage, mushroom, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber, bottle gourds, ridge gourds, ash gourds, spinach, Gooseberry, mint, lettuce of honey. Include fresh fruits and vegetable juices along with chilled lassi( CurdDrink,Laban) between meals to keep yourself hydrated. You can also refresh yourself with tender coconut water, green tea or herbal tea they are not only refreshing but also nutritious.

In high humidity as well as air-conditioned environments we do not sweat adequately due to which you cannot release heat efficiently from your body. By drinking water frequently even if you are not thirsty keeps your system cool.

What should be completely avoided from our daily diets?

1. Street Food – There is nothing as delicious as the street food like Pani Puri’s, Spicy Chaats, burgers, Pizza’s. Sadly, these are exactly the foods to be avoided because heavy and spicy food during summers can aggravate digestive problems and other illness.

2. Ice Cream – Ice cream surely can be avoided because of the high calorie due to sugar and milk. You can surely treat yourself with some sugar-free home-made frozen fruit lollipops any time!

3. Eggs – If you are among one of them who takes one egg everyday with breakfast, then it’s time you reduce it in summers. Egg is high in protein and takes time to digest causing digestive problems typically in summer season. You can include egg whites safely even daily in your diets.

4. Snack Diet – Heavy snacking should be avoided during summers like burgers, pizzas, french fries. These junk foods which have a complexed combination of several types of food can create health problems, digestive disorder, skin allergies specially during summers.

Food mantra for safe summer

  • Two glasses of water, followed by a cup of tea/milk with less sugar on rising.
  • Corn flakes with unsweetened soy/ low-fat milk and fruit of your choice for breakfast.
  • Fresh lime juice or tender coconut water as mid-morning drink.
  • Brown rice with light dal, vegetable curry, curd and sprouts and greens salad for lunch.
  • Mango juice instead of tea or coffee for evening.
  • Clear vegetable soup, whole wheat bread, lean sandwich, fruit and nut salad for dinner.

Avoid heavy meals at one time because it causes acidity and affects digestion. It is advised to eat small meals to feel light and keep your system active whole day long.

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1669728_10151941703652895_208458457_oMrs. Yamini Attri, Dietetics Head
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Metro Heart Institute with Multi speciality
Faridabad, India

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