A Fit Ramadan


A Fit Ramadan – Make Ramadan your new excuse for Fitness

Ramadan has started for billions of people worldwide and it also includes a good number of fitness and body building enthusiasts. Here is how you observe Ramadan without compromising your fitness goals!

  1. Don’t Stop Working Out

The most important tip comes right at the beginning: don’t stop working out during Ramadan. Your body maintains muscle mass as long as it feels it’s needed. When you stop exercising, it will slowly build back what it feels is unnecessary luggage costing extra energy.

  1. Eat Well-Balanced Meals

A well-balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and good fats is most likely to sustain you throughout the hours of fasting. Proteins such as eggs and fish or meat, you can include nuts such as almonds, carbohydrates such as sweet potato and fats such as avocados. If you are still hungry after that turn to fruit and cereal.

  1. Adjust Your Workout Intensity

There is nothing wrong in adjusting your workout intensity to a level which makes you feel comfortable. You have fasted for straight 10-12 hours and a busy day is behind you. Under those circumstances pulling off your usual intensity is very hard to do. Adjust the weights or number of reps, no one is going to judge you for that.

  1. Time For Some Protein

Protein in food is absorbed much slower than protein from powders and will stay with you quite a bit of time. If at all, you have to use powdered protein, suggest you use Casein instead of your regular whey. Casein has a tendency to be absorbed slowly so you feel fuller for a longer time.

  1. Work Out When It Feels Best

I know it feels lovely and guilty at the same time to skip that workout after you’ve had a long day of fasting. DON’T SKIP IT. Just workout when you feel most energetic. We can make adjustments, provided we’re up for it.

  1. Get Enough Fluids

Cannot stress enough on this point, more so during Ramadan. This is even more significant for people living in hot climates like GCC.


Article credits: Fitness_Avenue


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