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“Google Doctors” are the biggest challenge for us. It is good to be informed, but not good to preach the doctor.

Originally from Mumbai, currently practicing in Dubai, Dr. Sameer is defining and improving smiles for the last 15 years. He is a gold medalist student and a recognized faculty at Dr. D.Y. Patil Dental College, Mumbai. Dr. Sameer is also the recipient of the Bajpai-Sahai award for advancement in Biomaterials.

Dr. Sameer is a 3rd generation doctor in his family. His grand parents were surgeons and his father, Dr. H.S. Sheikh was the first trained Orthodontist doctor in India.

Dr. Sameer is a very popular Orthodontist in Dubai, he is the Medical Director & Co Founder of Toothsmiths Dental Clinic in Dubai.  Some of you must have seen him in the TV commercial of   Sensodyne Middle East & Africa Region 2015. He is one of the most punctual and straight forward doctor’s I have known. I am sure you would enjoy reading this conversation with the doctor!

UrCuppa: As an Orthodontist, do you think you are an artist?
Dr. Sameer: Yes! Of course, we are. In simple words we try to think of orthodontics as perfecting on the almighty’s imperfections! We leave a lifelong signature on you that is your smile.

UrCuppa: What are the challenges you face with your patients and define what is a good patient for you?
Dr. Sameer:
“Google Doctors” are one of the biggest challenge for us. It is good to be informed, but not good to preach the Doctor. A good patient is the one who communicates, shares and appreciates.

UrCuppa: As an Orthodontist what is accomplishment for you?
Dr. Sameer: As an Orthodontist, our greatest accomplishment would be creating your perfect smile. I would say, Orthodontist are the innovators of the concept of Smile Design; we started it much earlier than the time aesthetic/cosmetic dentists did. We work on different types of cases other than cosmetic, where dental correction is more a medical & functional requirement rather than a purely cosmetic change.

UrCuppa: You have a very busy professional life, how do you balance your personal and professional life?
Dr. Sameer: Yes, my work takes a toll on my personal life. There was a time when I was a weekend father. I have realized it and I make it a point to be there for my family. I take initiatives to drop them to school in the morning and spend quality time at home.

Urcuppa: Why did you choose Orthodontist as a profession and did you train under your father?
Dr. Sameer: As any other kids during that time, parents dictated what to choose, but in our family, we were directed. We had choices, for me the other option was MBBS. I chose being an Orthodontist. I got a fair amount of encouragement from home, but I would say I was always self-driven, as I was very competitive by nature.

Unfortunately, I never had the fortune of being trained by my own father. Following the completion of my master’s program in Orthodontics I was benefitted by spending around 4 years, gleaning my clinical skills and diagnostic acumen by Dr M. K Prakash and 5 more prominent Orthodontists in India, all of whom were my father’s students.

 UrCuppa: How does it feel to be the 3rd Generation Orthodontist?
Dr. Sameer:
There are many plus points when you are compared, you stand better chances and many opportunities come across your way. But at the same time, I did face severe comparison in the college days because I was son of a gifted father. I had to change my name in college as at times I would fall prey to teacher’s high expectations.

Urcuppa : How would you compare your success with your father?
Dr. Sameer: He is gifted; he was the first trained Orthodontist Doctor in India and he practiced for 40 years. His professional challenges were very different than mine. I am proud of my achievements in my sphere and would like to take them to next level.

UrCuppa: Why did you choose to move to Dubai?
Dr. Sameer: For me, avenues were open at many other destinations when I decided to move out of Mumbai. I found Dubai more lucrative because of its distance from India, better quality of life and the opportunities.

UrCuppa: Is there any advancement in Orthodontists that you would like to mention?
Dr. Sameer: I have been working with Micro implant assisted orthodontics, self-ligating braces (Popular and generic amongst these are the Damon Series) and laser dentistry, which are the current advancements in the field of orthodontic treatment. I keep myself updated with the latest knowledge so that, I can deliver the best.

UrCuppa: Do you have any advice for upcoming dental students?
Dr. Sameer:
Extreme competition should not be the driving force for your achievements; you should try to give your best and let your accomplishments speak in your own sphere. As a student you should have an open mind and never think that your guide is always right, challenge the theory and learn from the outcome.

Rapid Fire with Dr. Sameer

  • UrCuppa: What would you like to refer time with “Watch or a Mobile Phone”
    Dr. Sameer: My Watch
  • UrCuppa: Your favorite Celebrity smile?
    Dr. Sameer: M.F Husain – I am sure someone did a great job on his denture.
  • UrCuppa: Passion other than work that you enjoy most?
    Dr. Sameer: Adventure sports – Desert adventure, Sky diving, Bunge Jumping.
  • UrCuppa: Favorite place to dine in Dubai.
    Dr. Sameer: I love Thai food – Lemon Grass
  • UrCuppa: One habit that you would like to quit?
    Dr. Sameer: My extreme finickiest behavior – I am too particular about things; you can call it a Virgo trait.
  • UrCuppa: Favorite Personality
    Dr. Sameer: It keeps varying – Mr. Nelson Mandela and his work. From silver screen, I like the work of Naseeruddin Shah and Kangana Ranaut.
  • Urcuppa: Window Shopping or impulsive buying
    Dr. Sameer: Impulsive Buying
  • Urcuppa: Disney Land or Mountains and Monuments?
    Dr. Sameer: I used to like mountains and monuments but now I enjoy Disney Land with my kids.

As we sum up our conversation, Dr. Sameer adds, that I don’t stop my patients from enjoying chocolates, candies and things that they love to eat. I believe, that these are luxuries everyone should enjoy. One should set limits for self, anything in excess is not good.

Dr. Sameer H Sheikh
Clover Medical Centre
Suite No. 307, Warsan Tower
Nxt to: Dubai Media Rotanna
Opp: American School of Dubai, Tecom
Contact + 971 0551209888
New Branch opening very shortly  in Al Nahda 2, Sharjah
Toothsmiths Dental Centre
Bur Dubai
Suite M06, Bin Thani Building
Above NBAD Bank and Prime Medical Center
Near Bur Juman Mall.Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road ( Trade center Road)
Contact +971 0507680740

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