CuppaLife of Mihir Buddhabhatti aka DJBuddha


CuppaLife of Mihir aka DJBuddha a successful banker and a DJ

An engineer by qualification, a seasoned banker by profession, a DJ by passion – this is what sums Dj – Mihir Buddhabhatti popularly known as DJBuddha. Believes in “Living life in the moment and take each day as it comes”.

It is a lot of juggling between extreme career, from handling corporate clients in the real world to Djying until wee hours in the morning. His life is hectic between work, eating, sleeping, family and everything else. Read and enjoy the groovy CuppaLife of Mihir aka DJ Buddha.

CuppaLife: Mihir,  What is the secret behind your name ” DJ Buddha” ?
DjBuddha: Dj Buddha comes from my name Mihir Buddhabhatti. Besides, I believe the word Buddha goes well with my personality 🙂

CuppaLife: You are in the banking field for the last 10 years and you are quite a seasoned Banker,  what made you follow your passion and when?
DjBuddha: I have been professionally DJing for the last 4 years. My fondness for music developed right from my school days. I used to spend my free time collecting music and used most of my pocket money buying every new music player that was out in the market. I even assembled my first pair of speakers for playing during my college days. I attended workshops to improve on my techniques and practiced the art of mixing. I had a huge collection of music and I knew the techniques, it was time I shared my passion with people.

CuppaLife: How do you give time to both your professions – do you have a magic potion that you can share with us?
They say, ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!’ Though we can’t have everything we want, it’s upto us individuals to take control and responsibility for the types of lives that we want to lead. It’s about creating that balance in our lives. The idea is to just focus on the things that really matter to us! It’s just about working 20% smarter instead of 20% longer!

CuppaLife: How do you define Djying? Do you think it’s more than just playing offbeat numbers?
DjBuddha: Dj’ing is definitely not just about choosing a few tunes. It’s about having the right spirit, loads of optimism and a lot of persistence. It’s about setting the right mood, reading your audience and directing them to a better place.

DjbuddhaCuppaLife: What is your adrenaline moment while Dj’ing?
DjBuddha:  Most of the times in any gigs or parties the crowd does not want the music to stop. I love it when they are enjoying the dance floor, be it a kid, or a teenager or an elderly couple grooving to my tunes. It’s these small things that make me feel rewarded.

DJbuddhaCuppaLife: What has been the proudest moment in your Djing career so far?
Performing on a big stage is a different experience all together. To share a platform with legends like Arijit Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Honey Singh, Mika, Raftaar, Manj, Baadshah , Farhaan Akhtar, KK, Sukhbir , Imran Khan was not just the proudest moment but a dream come true. A big thank you to Mr. Rajesh Lilaramani and the Gulf Technical Team for making this dream possible.

CuppaLife: There is so much music out there, what goes in when you are preparing for a set?
 Music selection in my opinion determines how much of a lasting impression you leave with your audience as a DJ. A lot of factors contribute to my song selection for a set – the occasion, the audience, the venue. While preparing for a set, finding and downloading the songs is the easy part. What is challenging is organizing and mixing these songs in a way that they are most accessible during the event and pump in the right tune at the right time.

CuppaLife: When playing in a gig , Is it impromptu or do you come with a pre-recorded set?
I always like to go prepared for my events. There is a lot of difference in what I would play for a birthday party or at a wedding or a concert. Of course, there are times where you just have to live in the moment and go with your intuition. It is all about being confident in your song selection, your stage presence, eye contact and your ability to put it all together. This comes with experience.

CuppaLife: What do you think about the new remixes of the originals , What is your style?
 Remixes and mash-ups are a Dj’s way of showcasing his creativity and imagination. It takes a lot of practice and talent to create a good remix.  Every Dj has its own style, I like to stick to the originals as far as possible. I never confine to a particular style or genre – I like to experiment with song selection – both original and remixes.

901792_489501101098898_382682679_oCuppaLife: What is the best and worst part of being a Dj?
DjBuddha: I have enjoyed travelling and meeting talented people around the world who connect through music. It is always nice to see people enjoy music as much as I do. Apart from that Dj’s don’t need educational qualifications or follow fancy dress codes – they always seem to get away even with the worst of hairdo’s 🙂 . The bad part – song requests! Travel time! Sound Checks! Dealing with drunk people!

CuppaLife: We have heard that you were tutoring aspiring Dj’s, can you also give tips for young DJ’S?
With so much talent in the industry, music is evolving at a tremendous pace. I believe for a Dj, it is really important that he/she remains well versed with the evolving trends in music, the current Chartbusters as well as new artists. Other than knowing music, always be original, master the techniques, build a music collection, market yourself, show up on time and be prepared to do whatever it takes!

Favorite song(mixed) : Arijit Singh Mashup
Best Gig: My first concert with Honey Singh at Rang De 2013 with more than 25000 fans – An unforgettable experience
Favorite Actor: Mr Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – one of the most humble celebrities I met of late.
Favorite International Dj: Firebeatz
What is your favorite companion at the DJ Desk? The Bouncer 🙂

DJBuddha @ Twitter : DJBuddhadubai
DJBuddha @Facebook : DJBuddhadubai
DjBuddha @ Soundcloud :

Next big event –  31st December, Glow at Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai #‎GlowTwenty16‬

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