Contest Winners – WWIMDUBAI Instameet with Rove Hotels



Announcing Contest Winners!

WWIMDUBAI Instameet with Rove Hotels

Mega Prize Winners – A Staycation with Breakfast at Rove Hotels

Category A – Best Photo of or from within Rove Healthcare City

Shaikh Mohammed Meraj

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Social Media Specialist | Traveler | Foodie

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Category B – Best Photo with a Human Element

Francis Karl dela Peña

Photographer – street | portraits | nature | adventure

Category C –  Best Photo of Beautiful Outdoors

Kareem Saber

اللَّهُمَّ لاَ تَدَعْ لَنا ذَنْباً إِلاَّ غَفَرْتَهُ، وَلاَ هَمّاً إِلاَّ فرجته Capturing Anything & Everything 

 Best Photo & Interpretations representing the theme #KindComments


Happy go lucky clicker I stand witness 😊 #TheAlmightysDailyMasterpiece

Food Reviews @farsfoodiefun

Its funny how we view the world through our own colored lenses.. we were wandering around and clicking away.. each other.. inanimate objects.. the world at large.. and that's when i spotted this gentleman, sitting by the edge of the bay, eating his evening meal. Just another day in the daily grind.. the ships passing.. passengers disembarking and life continuing. He looked up at me once or twice but remained focused on his meal. The humidity was rampant but there was a mild wind and the flag fluttered as these boat people went about their business. We need to actively give more than what we receive from the Almighty and be consciously grateful for every blessing he endows us with. #wwimdubai #wwim16💌 #wwim16 #rovehotels #kindcomments #WWIMUAE #instagram #instameetdxb #farsgemworld #dubai #uae @rovehotels @instagram #writersofinstagram #instawrite #moustache #man #humans #people #bekind #begood

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Special Prizes Winners – Bench Brunch at Rove Hotels

Starting this coming weekend, 6th of October, we are launching a new brunch across three of our properties, Rove City Centre, Rove Healthcare City and Rove Trade Centre. 

The Bench Brunch takes place every Friday and includes a buffet of salads, appetizers, and desserts, one main course from the kitchen and one soft drink/coffee of your choice. Regular price is AED 59.


#wwimdubai #wwim16 #WWIMUAE #rovehotels #kindcomments #coffeelover @instagram @igersdubai

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Never stop looking up… 😉 Photo courtsey @mpunjani

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Discover UAE ✨💛 #visitdubai #yallagopro #wwim16 #auboutdumonde 🌍

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Special Thanks to –

Discover UAE & FotoUAE for helping us reach so many people. 

#Repost @bhawanapreetish ・・・ It's time for Worldwide InstaMeet 16 #wwim16💌 On the weekend of September 8-10, tens of thousands of people around the world will get together to explore their creativity and connect with others around a theme that unites us all – #KindComments! ___ We're (@bhawanapreetish – me & @eatlymeatly, @preetishg, @minakhee2017 ) organizing an Instameet along with @rovehotels Healthcare city in Dubai on Saturday September 9, 2017. For more details check link in bio. — Leave a comment below & send message with your name, mobile no & email id, if you wish to join in. Limited Seats Only. ____ All you've to do is show up, live instagram pictures from the venue with hashtags mention here and follow the theme #KindComments. Main Hashtags: #wwimdubai #KindComments #wwim16💌 #wwim16 #RoveHotels #WWIMUAE Additional: #Instameetdxb #worldwideinstameet #kindness #instameet #WWIM16Dubai ______________________ Do spread the word! ______________________ #dubaiblogger #dubaifoodblogger #uaebloggers #uaeblogger #uaefoodbloggers #dubai #mydubai #visitdubai #dxb #igersdubai #igersuae #igersmiddleeast #everydaymiddleeast #fotouae #uae #uaegram

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and to Pradeep Mohan for helping us keep going ahead to organize this on our own.

And here are some posts by Organizing Team – 



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