Clutter Clearing

We all want a peaceful and uninterrupted life. We keep adding and making more place in our lives and homes.
Pause and think, are we interrupting our own lives?
Qi is like the blood flowing in our body. It carries the important nutrients to all parts and if a body part does not get the blood supply it perishes. Similarly the Qi flows around the house activating and energizing various parts and directions (which relate to different people and body parts) of our home. If we have section of the house CLUTTERED with useless stuff or stuff that has never been moved or used we are depriving that region to be revitalized and (causing the Qi to become stale). Some times its just that simple reason why some people in house are falling sick constantly or not finding relationships. Say your SW sector of the room is cluttered up with shoes and old newspapers, then the lady of the house is one facing the problems or people residing in that room have stomach problems.
Simple rule De CLUTTER for a peaceful and uninterrupted life.

Meaning of QI : In traditional Chinese culture, qi (more precisely qì, also chich’i or ki) is an active principle forming part of any living thing Qi is frequently translated as “natural energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow”.

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