Honest confession of a cereal killer


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6:30 am: Mom, the bus is here, I can’t eat my breakfast!
7:30 am: Honey, it’s getting late to work, I will grab something on my way! 
8:00 am: Give me my coffee please. (That’s Me!)

I was fed up and I finally gave up for good!

In the rush of our morning routine, we sometimes miss nutrition for convenience.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it influences how will we perform physically and mentally rest of the day.  Despite believing it’s unhealthy to skip breakfast many of us start our day without breakfast on a regular basis! We tend to succumb to easy and portable options like a cup of tea or coffee.

I am a home maker, mother of two, part time blogger and have usual busy mornings. Most of the portable and quick options are sugar loaded and lack nutrients. After trying different options of meals, I found cereals as one of the best breakfast options for the entire family. Complete, easy, quick, full of nutrients and great taste. With many different kinds of cereals available off the shelf, it is easy to choose based on age, taste and lifestyle. I serve it with chilled milk, add strawberry or banana slices for my kids or just add dry fruits for extra crunch.


Check out why Nestle thinks, it’s good to be a cereal killer.


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