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Aster Mobile Clinic in Phillippines

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Aster DM Healthcare reiterated recently via two of their initiatives, their commitment to help the needy who need medical attention. The recent one was sending a team of 25 specialists, experts in Emergency Medicine, Doctors, Paramedical Staff and Support Staff to flood affected areas of Chennai.

In the month of November, Dr. Moopen Foundation launched the Dr. Aster Mobile Clinic all over the Phillipines providing free medical services to those in need. The Mobile Clinic was built with the best in medical equipment, providing everything from X-rays to ultrasounds and facilities to provide diagnostic, laboratory, ultra-sound, general practitioners, consultation and first aid treatment. The Philippine version of the Mobile Clinic was also customised to make it suitable for Philippines road conditions and is built to provide comfort and convenience to patients in all weather and site conditions. Dr. Moopen Foundation and it’s associate entities, has been active in CSR in the Philippines through its “Save the Little Hearts” programme wherein underprivileged children with congenital heart diseases have been given extended help to facilitate treatments.

Very recently they also sent a fully-equipped Aster DM Disaster Management Team from its establishment in India comprising 25 specialists to flood affected Chennai. There are three camps set up at locations that are most in need in the Tamil Nadu capital.  Led by Dr. PP Venugopal, Head of Emergency Medicine of Aster DM Healthcare Kerala, the team includes doctors, paramedics, Emergency Medical Care Technicians and clinical pharmacists. If required, specialists in Internal Medicine, Family medicine, Community medicine and pediatricians will also be rushed to the city. The team is equipped with medical supplies and consumables, oxygen cylinders and food and drinking water.

On the occasion of 44th UAE National Day Aster also announced free 1,000 hours of free consultation services to the residents of the UAE from select clinics for one year. Free surgery every week of up to AED 50,000 worth per operation to an Emirati who has been duly referred by the Ministry of Health or Dubai Health Authority.

Aster DM healthcare also announced the launch of 30 day free mobile clinic service for the residents of UAE to serve the needy.

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