We are all part of a crowd and yet we have those little peculiarities that set us apart, that makes us who we are.

These peculiarities make us lovable, annoying, charming, crazy, wins us friends and foes and makes us distinct. They say God is in details. Those simple details of your day to day life make the personality, that you are.

UrCuppaLife is all about these details and these peculiarities that you would like to share and would love to know from people coming from various walks of life. It could be as simple as the way you start your morning to keep yourself optimistic all day long or as intricate as the poem you wrote on your first heart break. It could be about showcasing your art to the world or displaying home excellence at cooking food or managing kids.

Let the world discover you and let the crowd know how you stand apart.

UrCuppaLife is an endeavor to bring versatile content from different walk’s of life by amateurs and experts. A blog that brings to you thoughts and information that you can enjoy along with your own cup of coffee/tea.

CuppaLife : When we come across self-motivated individuals we will bring them to you. To learn from them self-motivation and zeal to take their passion to the next level.

Healthy Lifestyle : Under this category you can find articles from medical experts and food recipes that will help you in making healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Positive Changes : Everyone of us is always looking for ways to make our lives better, happier and less stressful. Under this category, we will share with you articles that talk about life skills and positive prescriptions.

Under the Lens: Photographs are worth a thousand words. Under the lens is a compilation of interesting photographs and videos that will take you to the location of the shoot.

Story Teller :  Introducing a new section for you all. Our stories about experiences, our thoughts that weave around visits to places, books, acts and plays and many such activities that you will add to your bucket list.

Contests: There’s always something for everyone’s cup. Win big with UrCuppaLife.  Participate in UrCuppa contests & win goodie bags or tickets to your latest concert/movies/plays.